Thursday June 25, 2015  



Today's Signals

Warning: These signals are published with delay (daily at 12:00 and 16:15 EST) and are for information purposes ! Signals in real-time are only available to registered users.

If there is a day and time stamp for a particular signal, then the indicated trading level was reached. Absence of a time stamp means the trading level was not reached.


Beginning of Day Exposure: [Carried over from prev. day]
Beginning of Day Signal: [Issued same morning; to reverse(*) beginning of day exposure - leads to new exposure]
Intra-Day Stop: [Day order to protect (close) existing exposure]
Intra-Day Stop-Reversal: [Day order to reverse(*) existing exposure - mutually exclusive with Intra-Day Stop]
End of Day Signal: [To close existing position]
End of Day Exposure: [The way to start the next session after trading on the day's signals]
(+) for Buy or Long; (-) for Sell or Short.

(*)Reverse (flip-around) is going from Long (+) to Short (-) or from Short (-) to Long (+)


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